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English Toy Spaniels

The English Toy Spaniel, known as the King Charles Spaniel in Great Britain, is a small breed weighing in at around 9 - 12 pounds. The four recognized varieties are King Charles which has a black and tan coat, Blenheims have white coat with reddish-brown patches, Ruby has solid red coloring and the Prince Charles is tricolor with white, black and red markings. Solid-colored dogs should not have white chest markings. These beautiful little dogs have a long, silky coat which requires brushing on a regular basis. However, ETs don't get their adult coat until they mature at 2 - 3 years old. They make great house pets, they're good with kids and don't need much exercise. They make great lap dogs and are angelic in nature.
Thank You Tracy in Miami, Florida.

Thank You to the nice family in North Carolina.

English Toy Spaniels are known by other names too. They are sometimes called "Charlies" or "King Charles Spaniels" or "ETs".

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I make every effort to place each of my puppies in caring, loving homes. Even though my dogs are superior in every way, I prefer seeing my dogs go to families and individuals who are seeking companion pets rather than breeding stock.

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